Tubeless Valve Stem Pairs
44mm Silver Valve
44mm Black Valve
44mm Red Valve
44mm Blue Valve
44mm Purple Valve
44mm Teal Valve
44mm Burnt Orange Valve
44mm Pink Valve
44mm Moss Green Valve
44mm Bold Gold Valve
34mm Silver Valve
34mm Black Valve
34mm Red Valve
34mm Burnt Orange Valve
34mm Acid Green Valve
34mm Pink Valve
34mm Gold Valve
34mm Purple Valve
34mm Blue Valve

Tubeless Valve Stem Pairs

Regular price $ 22.00

Our Aluminium Tubeless Valve Stem is a lightweight, high-end mountain bike component, designed for enthusiasts looking for a lightweight, colored alternative to Brass stems.


34mm available in select colors and quantities while supplies last


44mm now fully stocked! 

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